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The Osservatorio Permanente Giovani-Editori’s competitions are a "laboratory" to train tomorrow's citizens, to train students to be active members of society with a strong sense of citizenship. These competitions are designed as a single integrated project, supplying multidisciplinary and multidimensional civic education, where every competition, however different, fits within our core ideas and values.

The purpose of these competitions is to promote the sharing of ideas and values and to direct young people towards greater unity , equality, democracy, participation, and respect in their daily lives. The philosophy behind the Osservatorio has always been to prioritize media as one of the most appropriate tools to establish links between rights and duties and between justice and democracy. The concept of civic educatio n m anifests itself in a number of different competitions and can, therefore, be seen as a broad church that includes many different areas of study.

With the help of the best Italian universities , we have identified ten main study themes, that in concert form the value system of a modern citizen. Each of these educational themes was assigned to a different one of Osservatorio’s collaborators, who in turn sought to train young people to explore the topic of citizenship.