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Special Initiatives

Fully in keeping with the theme of citizenship education (the founding principle of the competitions), a number of special initiatives have been developed by the Osservatorio.

These projects are carried out with the support of numerous socially accountable partners and companies and are aimed at accompanying the students along their journey of civic education.

The distinguishing feature of these initiatives from the rest of the Osservatorio’s initiatives is that they have a competitive edge. Like our other programs, these initiatives supply a series of teaching materials and programs each dedicated to an individual theme and skill. Subjects include but are not limited to food, journalism, cyberbullying, environmental sustainability, and even digital education.

All of t hese initiatives have a particular focus on technology and the Internet. By its very nature, the Internet allows flexible, open, and democratic interaction, offering opportunities for socializing, engaging with, and accessing information that traditionally would have been less readily available.

This is why it is important to promote active and responsible civic education that als o e ngages with the new cultures emerging onto the world stage.