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lunedì, 10 Settembre 2012 Beyond the classroom walls: breaking down barriers with technology

Grazie al digitale vengono meno le barriere che separano le classi: mai come oggi abbiamo il dovere di provare a rendere la nostra scuola più internazionale.

Excited by the potential of tech in class, Adam Webster explores how mobile, internet-connected devices allow teachers and students to make lessons international and collaborative experiences.

Technology in schools has the potential to be the greatest of equalisers. Students within individual schools and across the country, or even world, could be placed on a level playing field and given access to the same learning opportunities. Of course this is a little idealistic given the current economic climate and the seemingly never-ending cost of keeping the technology in schools up to date.

Technology should be available to every student in this country, and by technology I mean more specifically that they should all have access to a mobile, internet-connected device. Achieving this ideal (and the only hurdle one must overcome to do so is financial) would in turn, lead to the fulfilment of another, far more significant educational goal: a system in which every student has the opportunity to access more or less the entire sum of human knowledge and the people who are contributing to creating this knowledge.

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