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The Quality Information in Campus

The "Quality Information on Campus" project principally aims to supply teachers with updated and modern teaching materials and thereby open universities to the educational benefits that quality media can bring. Since 2007, lecturers have been invited to use daily newspapers as didactic tools during their lessons, whether in print or digital format.

Lessons in the classroom: For 10 lessons each semester, lecturers are given the opportunity to use daily newspapers (Corriere della Sera, Il Sole 24 Ore and QN , which consists of La Nazione, Il Giorno, and Il Resto del Carlino) to modernize and enhance their teaching in total autonomy.

Work ideas: Every year, the Osservatorio looks to assist teachers in their work and in updating their teaching through a series of ‘work ideas’ that aim to provide helpful and non-intrusive teaching guidelines. These are aimed to help lecturers introduce newspapers into their teaching.

The student's point of view: At the end of a "Quality Information on Campus" cycle , the initiative comes to a head with a collection of work that students can complete and independently send to the Osservatorio.