Youth and information: 2013

The project of "The Quality Information in the Classroom" continues to grow. A distance of 13 years from the birth of the initiative promoted by the Osservatorio Permanente Giovani-Editori are over 2 million participating students and 44,000 teachers involved. According to the survey "Youth and Information - 2013', organized in collaboration with Gfk - Eurisko, the project is now able to involve 74% of the total number of students in our country. As pointed out by the Honorary President of Eurisko Remo Lucchi "the main actors of the project, teachers and students, they expect that the initiative will continue over the next few years and is now perceived as it were to all intents and purposes a matter included in the program. On a scale of 1 to 5, the average level of interest in the newspaper in class is 4:01 to 4:39 for students and teachers".

A comforting, confirming Lucchi, "is that young people think it is a duty to keep themselves informed, they are uninterested in reality. Compared to adults changing the hierarchy of interests and level of familiarity with the various media". According to the survey, in addition, the students participating in the project increases the tendency to use all the media, and this is particularly true for newspapers. While increasing the distance from traditional media such as television, the real conquest of the territory of the young people have become the new media are changing the ways of writing for young people, which also describe in schoolwork abbreviations, colloquial phrases and emoticons.