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The meetings

Thanks to the "Young Factor" project , there are many opportunities for interaction and discussion. The first edition of Young Factor was inaugurated by Jean Claude Trichet, BCE's former Governor. The second was opened by Jens Weidmann, the Governor of the Bundesbank. Klaas Knot, the Governor of the Central Bank of the Netherlands, closed 2015-2016's edition. 2016-2017's Edition was inaugurated by Jean Claude Trichet and former Governor of Banco de Espana, Luis M. Linde. Another guest of the third edition of Young Factor was François Villeroy de Galhau, the Governor of Banque de France. The fourth edition was opened by Ewald Nowotny (Governor of the Bank of Austria) and Jan Smets (Governor of the Bank of Belgium). Carlo Da Costa Silva, the Governor of the Bank of Portugal, was the third important figure of the fourth edition. The fifth edition was inaugurated by four governors : Klaas Knot, Jens Weidmann, Ignazio Visco (Governor of Banca d'Italia) , and Luis M.Linde.

There are also five talks and debates closer to home for our students, the keynote speakers and participants of which were the teachers and students themselves. These meetings, undertaken with one’s own class, explored diverse aspects of economic and financial literacy and were helped along by contributions from key experts. To cap it all off was the big yearly event ― "Young Factor: A dialogue between young people, economics and finance" ― during which students, once again, were given the opportunity to have honest and engaging discussions with prominent economic figures of national and international