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March 11th 2015: General Audience by Pope Francesco

"Onward!" with these words of encouragement Pope Francis invited Andrea Ceccherini, President of the Osservatorio Permanente Giovani-Editori, to continue the work undertaken for young people and their formation.

The President of the Osservatorio, followed by the Board of Directors and the entire staff of the Bureau, met this morning the Holy Father, at the end of the general audience, to greet, in the occasion of the celebrations for the fifteenth anniversary of The Osservatorio.

As Andrea Ceccherini handled the plaque, especially created for the 15th anniversary of the Organization by the Brasilian pop artist Romero Britto, he explained to the Pope that the mission of The Osservatorio Permanente Giovani-Editori was inspired by the belief that "young people and education are still the inseparable pair for those who want to help change the world.

For fifteen years now, the Organization has successfully conducted "The Quality Information in the Classroom" project, in which 2,082,504 secondary schools students took part in this school year across the country.This unprecedented number of participants was made possible thanks to the support of 17 influential newspapers, of 28 banking foundations, 7 large socially responsible enterprises, and more than 45,000 teachers in the country, who work side by side, to educate students to read quality information with the final goal of training them to think and grow as more free citizens in a stronger and more performing democracy .