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Pages of war: read, understand, grow: 2006

The goal to deepen the civic implications and "The Quality Information in the Classroom"  social initiatives was fulfilled by the research promoted by the Osservatorio Permanente Giovani-Editori, realized by the Gfk-Eurisko Institute and presented at the second edition of the conference "Giovani Lettori, Nuovi Cittadini" organized by the Osservatorio in collaboration with Acri.

The research showed that "The Quality Information in the Classroom" initiative has powered students and teachersenthusiasm. The participating students now want the initiative to be recognized as a mandatory courseThe civic and social effects and benefits of the  initiative on the young "readers" are obvious: more interest towards politics,more committed involvement, greater propensity to vote; more involvement on geopolitical conflicts-particularly the Iraqi-, recognition to the newspapers for an important role in the formation of views and opinions about current conflictual events.

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