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How young people view the society through the media: 2004

This study focuses on the social implications of the initiative "The Quality Information in the Classroom": this analysis was promoted by the Osservatorio Permanente Giovani-Editori, conducted by GfK-Eurisko, and was presented at the first edition, in December 2004, of the conference "Giovani Lettori, Nuovi Cittadini", promoted by the Osservatorio in collaboration with Acri, facing the Presidents of Banking Foundations and the presidents and directors of the major national newspapers. Research has shown that the initiative "The Quality Information in the Classroom" has powered great interest among young people, and continues growing from year to year. On the social and political dimension, students who participate in the program show a propensity to approach politics, greater maturity and openness to the outside world and a sensitivity and greater participation in community life. Also, it fosters, through a in-depth- reading in class, the trustyoung people have on newspapers.

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