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domenica, 25 Novembre 2018 “Quality Information in the Classroom”: continues to grow

Demonstrated by research conducted by GFK Consumer Insights for the Osservatorio

80% Of students and 98% of teachers. These are the approval ratings from a sample of over 6,000 alumni and over 1,000 teachers who took part in the “Quality Information in the Classroom” program aimed at Italian secondary schools, which is now celebrating its 18th edition. The research, conducted by Gfk Consumer Insights for the Osservatorio Permanente Giovani Editori, demonstrates how the initiative started by Andrea Checcherini continues to reap rewards. An initiative aimed at augmenting and developing young people’s critical faculties.

According to this survey, the benefits of this initiative have been felt at editorial, civil and social levels, with students 16% more likely to attend university and 9% more likely to start their own business, compared to those not involved in the “Quality Information in the Classroom” initiative. Furthermore, from those interviewed, 19% would like to enter into politics to be able to directly contribute to their country.

The main focus of the research was fake news: according to the students surveyed, the countries where fake news was most prevalent were Italy (56%) and the USA (52%), with the most at-risk topics being politics and economics. Meanwhile, 70% say they would have more faith in a newspaper that owns up to an error than in one that doesn’t. Out of all media, print journalism enjoyed the best reputation amongst the students (40%).


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