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giovedì, 08 Novembre 2018 LAURENE POWELL JOBS (Founder and President of Emerson Collective) meets the “Quality Information in the Classroom”’s students and opens the new edition (2018-2019) of that iniziative.

I'm very happy to be here, with you. We have just arrived from California but in this theater I feel a lot of passion that helps us. When I read about  the “Quality Information in the Classroom” - said Laurene Powell Jobs - I thought to ask Andrea:Can you please come to the United States and export this experience? And we could bring our Emerson Collective project to Italy!

Finally, Laurene Powell Jobs concluded referring to the students – “Each of you must think about taking the benefits of this project and share them with other young people, to understand real things through their critical thinking ". Laurene Powell Jobs (Founder and President of Emerson Collective), said this in front of about a thousand Italian high school students who take part in the project " Quality Information in the Classroom ". She accepted Andrea Ceccherini's invitation to open the 2018-2019 edition of the media-literacy initiative.

Explaining the reasons behind the project, President Andrea Ceccherini said during his opening speech: "A person grows in the culture of confrontation, not outrage. A person grows when he opens up to the world, not when he closes himself”. Continuing in his speech, Ceccherini spoke about the teachers and thanked them for their work in class and above all for the effects generated by the project thanks to them. He called them "the real engine of the “Quality Information in the Classroom " and "authentic civil heroes". Speaking to the students: "the teachers who take part the “Quality Information in the Classroom” know this well; they have understood how their function is no longer just that of student trainers but of educators of citizens.  And educators, as Emerson used to say” concluded Ceccherini "are those people who can make what is difficult easy. We have to say thanks to them".

The meeting moderated by Maria Latella, Conductor of SkyTg24, Radio 24 Mattino and editorialist of Il Messaggero, is an event that is part of the "New Meetings for the Future", the series of great meetings of the Osservatorio Permanente Giovani- Editori, which had brought together the leaders of the hi-tech world of Silicon Valley, and not only, for four years. After the World President of Google Eric Schmidt, the 21st Century Fox CEO James Murdoch, the founder of WhatsApp Jan Koum, the CEO of Apple Tim Cook, was the turn of Laurene Powell Jobs. Founder and President of Emerson Collective, Laurene Powell Jobs manages one of the most active organizations in the social sector, focused on eliminating barriers to justice for people, families and communities in the United States and the rest of the world. She inaugurated with Andrea Ceccherini, the new edition of the “Quality Information in the Classroom”  the media literacy project of the Osservatorio, which is the absolute leader in Italy..

This project is dedicated to developing the critical thinking of young people, which in the epoch dominated by fake news, by plausibility and post truth, has conquered a leading role, to meet this need: to train the young people to distinguish credible sources from those that are not, teaching them to recognize the reliability of news. This is a fundamental exercise for a democratic society. An exercise that the Observatory intends to bring more and more into the contemporary world, keeping it at the cutting edge of the digital age, to make it a global reference model. During the meeting Laurene Powell Jobs received many questions from the students, on different topics. In the end, what came out was a real meeting, without filters, which was very participated.

They spoke about the case-history of Emerson Collective and the commitment that this organization puts to improve the lives of individuals and to strengthen democracy more and more. A beautiful story to tell young people. It was an opportunity to tackle many other issues including the mid-term American elections, the Emerson Collective mission and projects, the commitment to journalism and media investment, immigration, health, the environment. But above all education and XQ project thanks to the intervention of Russlynn Ali, CEO of the project which has the ambition to rethink and redesign the American higher education system.

The meeting ended with a standing ovation and a riot of applause and the students' chase of a selfie with the guest.



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