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giovedì, 03 Ottobre 2019 Apple and Osservatorio Permanente Giovani – Editori join forces

To foster the new generation's critical thinking in an effort to mitigate the damages incurred by the diffusion of fake news

Apple and Osservatorio Permanente Giovani-Editori have forged an alliance with the aim of training the new generation to think critically.This partnership will launch an international effort through an important technology-media literacy program  also to mitigate damages caused by the spread of fake news. The announcement was given  today in Florence by Andrea Ceccherini, President of Osservatorio Permanente Giovani editori during the inauguration event marking the twentieth edition of "the newspaper in the classroom": a media literacy project  tailored to high school students in Italy.

The  event's guest of honor was Tim Cook, CEO of Apple. "As soon as this project will be finalized in detail - Ceccherini said while addressing  an audience of more than 800 students  gathered in the Odeon Theatre - it will be tested in the United States and in some key countries of the EU, including Italy. This will enable us to receive feedback from the students  in order to improve it  even more  to strenghten young people's critical thinking skills and combat fake news." This is an important strategic, technology-media literacy initiative, the first of its kind  to see  the Hi-tech and  the Publishing worlds work together.

Thanks to the questions asked by the students and the wise direction of Luciano Fontana, the Corriere della Sera's Editor, who acted as moderator, Tim Cook touched upon  a number  of topics ranging from immigration, trade agreements, environmental issues  to fake news. "Today, many people struggle  to distinguish between truth and fake news - Tim Cook explained - for this reason it is important to develop  our critical thinking, helping young people in particular to do so. I thought it was important to help students   separate truth from lies . We began by searching for those who were doing a good job at  helping students in weeding out  the fake news, teaching them how  to develop a critical thinking mind  which is as essential as  teaching Math, History, and other subjects, and the Osservatorio came up  on top of the list. Osservatorio's teaching program  has been continuously improving. I thought that the Osservatorio of Andrea had excelled in this endeavor for more than twenty years.  Starting this partnership, partnering with Andrea and the Osservatorio to expand this program, and make it accessible to more people, is a real pleasure."

Apple's CEO, answered all questions and did not shirk from addressing  some thorny issues such as immigration. "I am a champion of immigration - he affirmed - wealthy nations must welcome migrants who flee from difficult situations. It is the right thing to do from the humanitarian point of view".

Touching on the environment, Cook explained that " Apple uses 100% of renewables. We defend  human rights and not because it is required by laws, but because it is a moral imperative. That is why I am concerned by the actions of some companies and Governments which spy on people.  We will never do this - Tim Cook  added - we will never treat you as products, but rather as customers and as such, we will treat you with dignity and respect". A final recommendation to the students " Be always the best version of yourselves - Cook concluded - never try to be someone else".

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